Creating Space
to Grieve

Short-stay retreat accommodation at no cost for parents grieving the loss of a child

When we love deeply, we mourn deeply; extraordinary grief is an expression of extraordinary love. Grief and love mirror each other; one is not possible without the other.”

Joanne Cacciatore

About Forever Held

Forever Held was established in 2022 to support bereaved parents through the provision of short-term retreat accommodation at no cost. Built in natural surrounds, the retreat offers grieving parents a place of refuge and rest.

We invite you to come, stay, grieve, rest, and experience nature as you take the next step on your healing journey.

Deep love. Deep grief.

Losing a child is an experience of deep love and deep grief, as love and grief are closely intertwined.

Grief is a journey with many ups and downs, it doesn’t fit into a neat formula and it’s different for every person. We want you to know that your grief matters and you are not alone.

The Forever Held retreat is a safe, peaceful place where the busyness and distractions of life are far away. It has been designed to give you a space to be still and allow yourself the time to grieve the loss of your child.

Each person’s grief is as unique as
their fingerprint.”

David Kessler

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"I was handed a pamphlet only a few weeks ago, I thought we don't need this. How wrong I was. The power to stop, switch off and come together to reflect, cry and cherish our new normal was needed and I didn't know until we did it.

Thank you to Forever Held for thinking of all of the small things that make such a significant impact!”


“Being gifted this retreat gave us such a boost after our devastating loss. The dates aligned and we were able to stay during the time that our baby would have been due. We used this time to rest, reflect and soak in the beautiful nature. The furnishings were so generous and thoughtful, we could feel the love from the hosts throughout our stay. We will cherish our stay as a gift from Forever Held and our forever loved baby girl.”

Joelleen & Bevin

‘As soon as we walked in the door we felt extremely at home. The beautiful scenery and relaxing vibe. We were able to spend a few days not having to worry about anything. Highly recommend!’


“Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe Forever Held! All the intentional details to give you a safe place to grieve and acknowledge your child. But to also just attempt to switch off and rest.

I particularly love the space to write your story, to share your child. Any opportunity to share Hudson means so much! ❤️”


“A very wet windy week. But having the comfort of the retreat and being warm inside made it so worth while. The bath was my main comfort wiith the big window and lovely oils just to relax.”


“Thank you so much for this amazing little getaway, was much needed and the perfect place to unwind.
Forever grateful, you guys went above and beyond to make this a safe place to grieve and unplug.
Thank you ☺️”


"Walking into the cabin I felt a sense of peace wash over me. For the first time in a long time I finally felt like I could breathe again. You can feel the love this beautiful space holds, and being able to spend a weekend here was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much Forever Held, our time here will be cherished forever.”


"During our stay we relaxed, enjoyed the time just the two of us with no outside world. We chose to stay at the retreat the whole time to sit together, we reflected on our losses and where we now are. It was so perfect and just what we needed.”


“Such an incredible location and space. Every little touch was so carefully considered and thoughtfully provided. Such a safe space to remember, to grieve, to cry and to feel held. Thank you.”


"The most beautiful place to stay. Time to remember, cry and heal together as a family. What a blessing to be heard and understood. The property lacks nothing, and the love we have felt is unquestionable. Praying that many more can share this too."


“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. That this place exists for us blows us away. Everything is so well thought out. What a beautiful and peaceful place.”


“An amazing place to come and remember our little girl. It was nice to unplug and reconnect as a couple. The surrounding beaches were beautiful and a welcome place to reflect. Reading everyone’s stories brought a sense of comfort to know we aren’t alone. Thank you for your generosity. 11/10”


“Our stay here at Forever Held has been one of a kind! We loved the house and also the great views of the farm! Very relaxing!”

Philippa and Daniel

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for setting up this entire experience. A little piece of “Heaven on Earth,” in complete privacy, to help us move through this difficult period after losing our first child, little Michaela Jane, at 37 weeks gestation. Everything inside the house, from the layout to the generous pampering, just blew us away. The views were so calming too. We didn’t want to leave. We loved walking the roads and meeting all the cows and calves as well as coming across a koala crawling along the side of the road.”

Xavier and Laura

"We ended up staying at Forever Held one month after we lost our daughter. As you can imagine, we were still really in shock- still not yet having even begun processing her death. At the time of our stay, we really didn't know what we needed to help us. We knew we didn't have the capacity to think about our meals, and Forever Held dealt with that for us. 6 months later, as I write this review, Forever Held knew what we needed. We didn't know what would help us, but they did. The disconnection from the world. The literal space from society. The fresh bread and local grains. The fire out on nature. The bath with all the scents. I particularly loved the journal station. We made it a habit to make tea and talk to each other each night. Looking back, it was exactly what we needed to begin the healing process. I cannot thank you enough for this place. Now, being a part of many online forums for infancy loss, I recommend Forever Held. I speak to hospitals about what you guys do in an attempt to help others the way you helped us. Thank you."


"We were so grateful for our stay at Forever Held. It was so amazing having a space to escape the daily grind, to have space to remember our little boy. The accommodation was so thoughtfully designed and perfect for unwinding. We didn't have to think about meal planning and instead spent the time visiting the beach and roasting marshmallows in the fire pit. Thank you again for opening up this space to people grieving their little ones. It was truly so special."


"No TV or Wi-Fi really gave us a chance as a couple to sit and reconnect and talk about our babes. It was the perfect opportunity to slow down and remember that we're only human and grief doesn't just go away. Waking up to that open window and watching the cows in the paddocks was absolutely magical, and the thought behind how the retreat is set up and the little gifts and treats made me shed a tear of appreciation on arrival. We finally felt seen. I hope to be able to pay it back like this one day for others. Beyond appreciative for our stay."


"This little getaway is exactly what my husband and I needed. After the loss of our baby girl Zoe (about five months ago), we never really had the breathing space that we so desperately needed but didn't know how to ask for, with children, work, and obligations. This retreat was a breath of fresh air and brought perspective and healing; we both talked until the early morning hours about our experiences with grief and how it's changed us. We finally found common ground, we found ourselves, and in turn, discovered joy in our marriage again. This has been a beautiful time. We will be forever grateful!"


"We had a perfect, peaceful and reflective time here at Forever Held, immersed amongst nature and looking for 'signs' from our precious boy, Johnny. We are so grateful for you and what you do. Thank you."


"We loved our stay. Very relaxing, and it felt like we remembered our daughter every minute by speaking of her nonstop. Loved that I got to draw her. The chance to stop and just breathe and relax. Thank you!"


"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to stay in your beautiful Forever Held retreat. We felt comfort from the moment we stepped foot and felt it was a safe retreat for us to grieve the loss of our baby boy. Thank you."


"Thank you so much for sharing your retreat. Everything is thought with love, and we have loved every minute of our story. A relaxing home, clean and space needed to reflect and cherish memories. Thanks again."


"The world is a much better place thanks to the Forever Held Foundation. This place is such a calming retreat, and we are so grateful for your kindness and generosity in creating it. The bath, fire pit, and fully stocked kitchen made for such a relaxing stay. Sending lots of love and thanks to you and your family."


Thank you for letting us stay in your little place like heaven. From the moment we drove through to the moment we left, we felt the energy, the connection, to all the family who have been here before us, but also all the children who passed. What a magical place you have. We used to call our little Zoë our turtle, our little koala and our little Chinese cat. When she passed, we had a beautiful box engraved with these symbols: koala, Chinese lucky cat and turtle. Last night at 3 am (the time she passed away), we heard something knocking on the window. A beautiful koala was behind the window looking at us and stayed with us till it was time for us to go back to bed. No doubt it was our little baby Zoë saying hi to us.


Thank you for this incredible experience. The one-year anniversary of my beautiful son Jonah's passing is in 4 days. I needed the solitude, beauty and tranquillity to be still and connect with myself and with him on a deeper level. Whilst I have shed many tears here, I feel ever so lighter in spirit. I really do not want to leave. You are doing an amazing thing by providing this oasis for people grieving their children.


"It was lovely to reflect and relax in such a peaceful and beautiful space. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity."


Our family had such a beautiful stay. We were a little surprised by the lack of internet/phone connection, but it ended up being such a blessing. We have laughed, cried and soaked up the stillness of this beautiful place while remembering our girl and honouring her. We feel so overwhelmed with how generous and healing this stay has felt for us.


I love "Forever Held", and I truly never want to leave this magical place. I have felt like a tree root drinking in the freshwater after a drought. The beauty in every little detail has been a balm to my soul; you have thought everything through so carefully. I honestly can never thank you enough. It is overwhelming to be the recipient of such benevolence in what often feels like a big, bad world. The peace and quiet provided the perfect opportunity for prayer, reflection and healing. Forever Held will always hold a very special place in my heart.


These three nights have been a gift from God! Time to reconnect with my bride, time to relax our bodies and minds. It has given us space, quiet and time to say goodbye to our twins. With some great memories made from swimming at Murnane's Bay, bike riding to Panmure, going to mass at St. Joseph's in Warrnambool, to having lunch at The Mill in Port Fairy and the falls at Hopkins Falls, just to name a few romantic activities we got to do together, which we wouldn't have had the opportunity otherwise!


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