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Forever Held fOUNDATION

Forever Held was created for parents and families who have experienced the death of a child. Whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, medical termination, infant death, illness or accident, we understand that the social, emotional and financial impact can be significant.

We invite you to come, stay, grieve, rest, and experience nature as you take the next step on your healing journey.

Our silence about grief serves no one. We can’t heal if we can’t grieve… We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach towards grief because the broken parts want to mend.”

Brene Brown

our vision

Creating space for parents to grieve the loss of a child

Our Mission

To provide retreat accommodation at no cost for parents grieving the loss of a child.

our values

We’re moved to take action to give you the space to grieve.

We encourage you to be kind to yourself in your grief.
We recognise it takes courage to sit with uncomfortable feelings of grief.
We understand that your story and journey through grief is unique.
We invite you to embrace your feelings of grief.

Our Name

The name Forever Held symbolises that while we may have only held our children for a short time before we lost them, we will hold them forever in our hearts.

A place to grieve

When a parent loses their child, their whole world stands still. At Forever Held, we recognise it is challenging for grieving parents to make space for grief when the world around them continues on. We’re here to let you know that your grief matters and you are not alone.

A place of natural beauty

The setting of our retreat is intentional. The natural environment impacts both our physical and emotional well-being. Research has shown that time in nature reduces stress and cortisol levels and has clear benefits for mental, emotional and physical health.

A place of rest and refuge

Grief is exhausting. Our modern world is fast-paced, noisy and full of distractions, so it’s easy for grief to be suppressed and silenced. It’s been our aim to create a private retreat, without interruptions, to give you the space to rest and be still. Serenity is an essential part of the healing journey.

An open invitation

Forever Held doesn’t offer quick fixes, answers or formulas for healing, because grief is complex, raw and painful.

We simply extend the invitation for you to come, be authentic and experience nature as you take steps to navigate a new normal.

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